Well even though spring is not officially here, the weather is getting better. Here in Ontario there is warmth in the air, people walking around, and a renewal coming.

Thankfully, today has been good. I have now satisfied my employment as of today and I cannot be happier. Full-time employment has been a goal that I now finally obtained.

With spring also coming to pass, I am looking forward to start preserving some more recipes for the future. I am excited to start going to the local farmers markets and getting fresh product again. I am also looking forward to the Knitters Frolic here in Toronto.

Last year I was fortunate to purchase a lovely grey Alpaca fleece from a local farm. The fiber was extremely clean. I do not recall even encountering any second clippings. The fiber staple was a reasonable length and was easily carded with my new Standard Brother Drum Carder

(review of this to come). When I began to spin the fiber, I thought at first to make a 3ply DK yarn to possibly do some nice cable work (not really knowing what garment in which I would make), but the fiber began to draft nicely into a lace/light fingering weight. I will eventually be knitting this fleece into the Rosetta Tharpe.


Insert Fanfare here.....

So for the last few years I have been waffling about the possibility of starting a blog. I know that there are millions of people out there writing to the masses about their lives and their creative sides. This is not really my intention.

I guess I need to explain about the beginning. My name is Justin and I am a Legal Assistant by day. By night, or whenever I can, I am a FiberArtist. Give me a nice wool fleece right off she sheep and I will clean it, process it, spin it into yarn and weave or knit it up. My husband thinks I am crazy. “Why not buy the yarn already spun?” as he has asked many times. Where is the fun in that?

My husband, Jason, the one who designed and built this site, is a programmer by day and a gamer, well I believe anytime of his waking life. I sometimes wonder if he hums the Mario Brothers theme song in his sleep.

Anyways, my real intention is to be able to inform and help people with fibre arts. Maybe include some recipes for great food and drinks in the process and even share other types of art. You will be able to find reviews of tools, yarns, stores and patterns when I feel like it. Requests are also welcome. Oh and Jason may chime in on some of his wonderful talents also.


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