Jason Oberholzer

Software Developer / Lead / Manager looking for new opportunities

About Me

Since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be a computer programmer. I wrote my first program on a Commodore64, and I can't really describe the feeling I got when I typed that final "RUN" at the prompt and watched my program come to life.

Here we are, several years later and I've turned that passion into a successful career. I've gone from just being a developer to building my own development teams where I share my passion for code and inspire / empower others to raise their game and build great software.

Notable Projects

WebAPI Middleware Services
.net Framework 4.7.2, OWIN WebAPI, Akka.net, REST, Repository, UnitOfWork, Services
I assisted in enhancing and maintaining a Framework for building out REST services using both WebAPI REST and Akka.net for communications. Most notable about this project was the opportunity to build in Akka.net actors into an existing architecture as well as working with Repository and UnitOfWork service patterns. The ability to break down work, introduce new services in a SOLID way was very interesting and I had the opportunity to learn a lot.
HP ALM SaaS Live Reporting System
.net Framework 4.5.2, ASP.net Webforms, ASP.net MVC, Angular 1.x, Bootstrap 3, JQuery, ODIN, REST, LINQ-to-SQL, Reflection, Oracle, HP ALM
As part of a rollout for HP Application Lifecycle Management, our management body identified a need for a more robust reporting system than what was provided out-of-box. I designed a custom warehouse solution based on Oracle which was paired with a .net console application designed to interface with the SaaS ALM instance and download all test management artifacts into the Oracle data warehouse. After building this out, I designed custom reports using ASP.net Webforms, ASP.net MVC and Angular. This allowed us to build standard status reports which could execute at the click of a button, saving tons of hours in manual reporting and calculations.
HP ALM SaaS Synchronizer
.net Framework 4.5.2, REST, XML, XPath, Reflection, Oracle, Stored Procedures, IBM CQ, HP ALM, JIRA
When rolling out the HP ALM system, we needed to integrate with an existing on premisis installation of IBM ClearQuest for defect management. HP does offer an out-of-box synchronization app, however our needs were far more sophistocated as we had a custom installation of IBM ClearQuest which closely matched our internal process. To integrate, I built a custom .net console application which would connect to the HP ALM SaaS instance and download all defect updates. Once the information is downloaded, it connects to IBM ClearQuest and creates or updates existing records and activities. I then further updated the synchronization application to also connect to JIRA for defect management.
Event Record Simulator
.net Framework 4.0, WinForms, Binary Formatting, ASN.1, Identity, Reflection, Oracle, UNIX
One of the most difficult parts of any telecom provider is ensuring it's billing system is working properly and accurate. This was a most difficult project to work on as it required an intimate knowledge of ASN.1 encoding and several standardized formats such as GSM 12.05, IUM, and IMM. These are the formats which are produced by switches and sent to the telecom billing system whenever a wireless subscriber uses their mobile device on the network. I quickly learned how to manually build the binary format with C# and integrated the application with our UNIX messaging system for processing. Over time, I further enhanced the application to use an Oracle warehouse and this allowed our testing teams to create the data required and verify the billing system worked as expected.
Social Media Recommendation App
.net Framework 4.0, ASP.net, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Facebook, SQL Server
Acting as lead developer, I helped create a facebook app which allowed the general public to make Facebook recommendations which promoted our clients. As an example, if you attended a restaurant and really enjoyed the service, our application made it simple and easy to create a recommendation in Facebook that could be shared with all your friends. These recommendations often included cupons or other promotional advertisements which further advertised and encouraged more people to engage with the client.
Functional Tester
.net Framework 4.0, WinForms, IE DOM, Selenium, Excel, QTP
While working with a newly established quality assurance department, it was identified that a mechanism was needed which tested our client reporting site for standard functionality while still accounting for many customizations made for the specific client. Originally we worked with QTP to perform scripting but it became apparent early on that QTP would require a lot of maintenance each time the site was changed. I created a .net app which would accept an excel script that contained basic testing steps and commands. The app would load the client reporting site and integrate with Internet Explorer to manipulate the DOM and perform actions as defined in the script. I also created several standard check points that would be tested to ensure the quality. This allowed us to execute tests in a quarter of the time a manual tester would take, increasing our efficiency and allowing us to test far more than we could before.
Virtual Testing System
.net Framework 2.0, ASP.net, .net Remoting, Microsoft Virtual Server, SQL Server
After creating the functional tester, I conceived of a system where we could upload excel scripts to a web service which would then take that request and execute it in a virtual machine. I setup a virtual server with 20 virtual machines and used .net Remoting to allow communications between the master server and the VM clients. This expanded the testing force from 3 full time resources to 23 full time / virtual resources. The company was able to test all 100 client sites within a 12 hour period, saving millions in testing costs and increasing customer satisfaction by finding defects faster.


FIS Systems Canada

Senior Software Engineer - 2018 - Present

Currently acting as scrum master and contributer on a team maintaining a risk management software used by many prominent financial institutions globally.

Rogers Communications Inc.

Technical Delivery Manager - 2017 - 2018

Formed and managed a complete agile team and process where we delivered several releases to production for Rogers.com and Fido.ca web channels.

Team Lead - ALM - 2012 - 2015

Managed team responsible for administration and maintenance of IBM Rational platform including custom integration software and an entirely custom web-based reporting portal.

Senior Software Developer - 2011 - 2012

Took ownership of a critical simulation application responsible for testing the billing system in the Quality Assurance environments.

Empathica Inc

Conestoga College

Systems Developer - 2006

Maintained internal college systems for parking, grades, and enrolment. Created comprehensive reports with Sql Server Reporting Services.

Web Developer - 2004 - 2006

Created new parking control web system, maintained several JAVA/JSP applications for internal college functions.